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Sandra Schmid

Art Jewellery

Black Beauty 3 Rings
Black CZ Solitaire Ring
Black Beatuy Hammered
Dripping Solitaire
Dripping Solitaire
Dripping Solitair
Black Beauty 3 Rings
Black Beauty 2 Rings
His and Her Black Beauty

"Black Beauty Rings"


Banksia NL plus Seed NL
Seed Necklace 1
Banksia NL3
Banksia 2
Banksia double Ring
Black Locket 1
You have to go through fire locket
Burned Seed Necklace
Burned Ball Pendant 1
burned Ball Pendant and Ring
Banksia NL Backside
Banksia NL 2
Banksia NL plus Seed NL 2
Banksia Seed NL 2
Black Locket 5
Hollow white stone pendant 2
Hollow white stone pendant medium quality
White Stone Waben NL
White Stone Waben NL 2
White Oval NL
White Stone Brooch tripple Hole
Stone Cube 4
Argillite NL
Argelite square pendant 2

“You have to go through fire”

This work looks into the wonders of renewal. Some seeds need nearly destructive conditions like fire, drought and ice to open and germinate. Fire is a greatly feared phenomenon. When human kind learned to control it, they were able to apply it to their advantage. In this work the ancient technique of fire carving has been applied. 

Instead of an open flame molten silver is used to burn and coal the surface and then removed.The function of the precious metal is reversed and instead of being the creative substance, here it serves as the tool in the process. Through repeated (repetitive) melting and pouring the silver diminishes like tools would wear in the procedure. 

The final necklaces are made of the object and tools. Equally important they form the mother plant and the seeds.

Inspired by the Banksia plant this work looks into the wonders of renewal. Some seeds need nearly destructive conditions like fire, drought and ice to open and germinate.

Banksias will not shed their seeds unless there is a fire. Indeed, it is almost impossible to remove them from the plant because they are held in hard woody two-valved capsules. But as the flames scorch the branches, the intense heat causes the capsules to open.





Stones are a universally recognised natural material, appreciated for their physical and spiritual properties.  Sturdy and durable they provide shelter and safety.  On a beach or road they can seem small and worthless, but as adornment they carry memories and cultural meaning.


In this way, Rockstars draws links between people and stones, implying that our identities can also be shaped by our environment and the contexts we place ourselves in. 

9 Coins
Facetted Coin
Coin Closueup
2 Coins closeup
3 Coins
Coin Bowl
Spoons Closeup

Filthy Lucre


Sandra Schmid Wooden Rings
wooden ring2
Wooden ring 3
Wooden ring 4
wooden ring 1
4 wooden rings croped




 A tree offers us shelter from harsh sunlight, so we

can rest in the shadow. It spans its branches and protects us from rain. Climbing up into its

arms we can hide and while the wind sweeps through the foliage we dream and feel safe.

Tree houses are a common retreat for children, nevertheless we still build our houses out

of wood as adults.

My rings are made from wood and feel warm and comfortable and are a reminder of those

moments hidden away. While the sparkle of the stones are like glimpses of sunlight

breaking through the foliage .

Safe Spaces Rings 1.half
Broken Globe Silver 2
3 Forged Rings 2
Safe Spaces Rings B
Safe Spaces Rings A
Safe Spaces Rings D
Safe Spaces Rings C
Safe Spaces Spiky Ring
Sandra Schmid_Safe Spaces_Small
Sandra Schmid_Safe Spaces_Nearly Full Globe3
Broken Globes x2
Sandra Schmid_Safe Spaces_Rings
Sandra Schmid_Safe Spaces_Shard
Sandra Schmid_Safe Spaces_Nearly Full Globe
Sandra Schmid_Safe Spaces_Near Full Globe
Sandra Schmid_Safe Spaces_2 Globes2
Sandra Schmid_Safe Spaces_Half Globe2
Sandra Schmid_Safe Spaces_Globe Rings
Sandra Schmid_Safes Spaces2017_ 3 Rings

Safe Spaces


“A memory of spaces that have preserved security of morality.”

Shards Rings
Forged Globe black
Broken Globe
Silver Globe Pendant
Shards Bangle
Small Globe
Shards Studs
Large Globe
Large Silver Globe
Large Globe
Shards Bangle
Shard Studs
Shards Studs
Small Globe
Broken Globe Silver
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